Our Philosophy

Cutting edge and contemporary inner city chic cool fashion – Sydney – Redfern

We are passionate about women feeling great about themselves. Body image and loving your body is we are about here at designer labels on sale. We know that shopping can is so therapeutic and creative – there is truth to the notion of retail therapy! Everyone here at designer labels on sale is here to assist you create and celebrate your own personal inner city contemporary chic style, that will take you from work to play.

Whether you are shopping on our NEW online store or in store we want you to leave feeling fabulous and confident. All we need to do is ask you a number of questions regarding your likes or your pet hates. Then guide you with styles and cuts that suit your body shape.

The greatest thing about us women is, and we seem to forget that there are so many different, styles of clothing from different brands, cuts and shapes that flatter our body shapes and hide those little things we care to hide!

We can even outline and show you instore by pointing and showing off (fabulous +) attributes! When you are shown and guided a couple of times, we see that with our customers (friends) every time that they pick and choose items and outfits that LOOK awesome on them! When our customers come and tell us how many complements they get from family and friends! We see the great happiness that it gives them. It gives us the biggest buzz of all. We believe that what you choose to wear can change how you feel about yourself, which in turn, can change your life! And we see lives and confidence change! We love our JOB! It gives so much happiness when we see women’s lives change!